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skincare .If you’re a huge fan of K-Dramas, you would have heard of and lowkey want the ‘Korean Glass Skin’. It’s the trend of flaunting flawless luminous skin. Even if you don’t follow K-Dramas or K-Pop, who doesn’t want a goddess-like impeccable porcelain skin like the K-beauties and the shine it reflects that makes most women envious. So, what is their secret? Is this a gift from God or are the Korean women sipping from some magical fountain of beauty? The short answer to this is No! But we do know some Korean beauty secrets to getting glass skin that you can learn right away.


skincare 9 Korean beauty secrets to getting clear and glass skin

The secret of Korean beauty lies in the tips and tricks followed by ladies in their daily routine, i.e., during showers, in the foods they eat, or even the tea they drink. Check out the following Korean beauty secrets and flaunt flawless porcelain skin:

1. Indulge in a steam session

Start your quest for Korean glass skin by taking steam sessions or indulging in a steamy shower. Steam helps open pores and remove dirt and impurities trapped in the skin. Don’t know how to reap benefits from steam massages? You can either take steam directly from a steamer or while in a steamy shower, and massage your face with fingertips in a circular and upwards direction. Continue the process for 5-7 minutes and slowly see the result for yourself.

2. Do facial exercises daily

In Korea, a clear and fair complexion is considered a virtue. Hence, every Korean beauty strives to do anything and everything to achieve flawless clear skin. If you want to get a V-shaped jawline and tight and younger-looking skin, practice brief mouth stretches; puckering lips, and moving sideways; lifting your head up, then smiling, and swallowing; massaging facial muscles in an upward motion. Repeat every exercise at least five times to get tight skin and a V-shaped jawline.

3. Cleanse your face

Deep cleansing is the key to getting Korean glass skin. Double cleanse your face with micellar cleansing water and choose a lemon-infused facewash for brighter skin. This process will prepare your face for the next steps in skin care.

4. Exfoliate with a damp washcloth

Boost your deep-cleansing Korean skincare routine with a unique exfoliating process. Instead of using any exfoliating product, Korean beauties prefer scrubbing their face with washcloths to keep skin healthy and ward off wrinkles. Dip a soft cloth in lukewarm water and squeeze the water out. Next, swipe the washcloth gently (in an upward direction) on your face and pull out dirt, dust, and grime from your face like a magnet.

5. Go for toning & make fermented rice water your new best friend

Toning is a mandatory step in Korean skincare. In ancient times, Koreans used natural water-rich ingredients like cucumber, tomatoes, and watermelon to tone and prep their skin. So, while buying a toner, you can look for these ingredients to minimise the appearance of pores and brighten the skin tone. Additionally, you can also prepare your own face mist at home by using fermented rice water. This magic potion helps to increase the skin’s collagen synthesis, resulting in a radiant complexion.

6. Moisturise your face and body

Every skincare routine includes moisturising the face and Korean skincare is no exception. You can go for vitamin C-infused serum gel or vitamin C-infused creamy moisturiser. As a Korean beauty enthusiast, you can’t skip taking care of your body. Hence, get intensely hydrated and brightened skin with lemon essence-enriched serum-in-lotion

7. Tap! Tap! Tap!

Want to know one of the easiest Korean beauty secrets for getting glass skin? Start tapping your face and learn the right way of applying skincare products. Tapping is a facial relaxation technique that helps increase blood circulation and enhance lymph flow to prevent premature skin ageing. Koreans have the habit of tapping their skincare products instead of rubbing them on their faces.

8. Drink tea

Korean beauties take their tea seriously and this is evident in the variety of tea choices they include as a part of their dietary and skincare routine. So, if you too are fond of tea, you can include ginseng tea, roasted barley tea, and green tea in your daily routine to get radiant skin.

With this, the guide and secrets to the most sought-after Korean glass skin are now yours! Go ahead and try these tips and keep browsing through the wide range of Garnier skincare for more skincare products and advice.

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